Golden message: Reducing the Gap Between Science and Art, Creating Opportunities for Social Activities

ICWIP 2017, Birmingham University

Every three years something special happens in the world of physics. 2017 is one those special years. On July 16, 2017, around 200 physicists from all over the world gathered to kick off a conference at the University of Birmingham. They were almost all women. Read More…

ADIB Photography Festival

To find ways in which we can see the balance in the world around us and compare natural phenomena, we hunt them with our photos and record them. In this way, looking deeper into our surroundings, we look at the beauty of it. Read More…

A Place for Arts in Science

Niels Bohr was struggling to reimagine the structure of matter. Previous generations of physicists had thought the inner space of an atom looked like a miniature solar system with the atomic nucleus as the sun and the whirring electrons as planets in orbit. Read More…


Awards & Certificates

The best selected artworks related to our events and team work are awarded each year and will be published in ADIB Science & Technology Journal.

Art and imaginative methods in science education promote conceptual understanding.  These methods are attractive and students can improve their imaginations to help them make science more approachable. 

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